PwC's CTF Prequal-Challenge

Welcome to PwC's CTF Prequalification Challenge for TNW Conference'18, Amsterdam

As this is a special event for us,

we created something really awesome,


Prequal Challenge

This prequalification challenge is open for everyone to participate, so

GO and Have Fun!

The first 15 (qualified) glorious hackers who will manage to capture the flag, will win a 2-day entrance ticket for TNW conference'18 (on 24th & 25th May), provided by PwC!

During this event you will be able to participate in the second -extremely awesome and challenging- 2-day onsite CTF during TNW conference'18, Amsterdam.

Onsite Convention CTF

This will be a score-based CTF and the prizes for the 1st-3rd places will be awesome, we promise!

Enjoy and may the lord of shells be forever in your favor.

*** Qualification deadline - May 23rd @ 4PM ***